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In the traditional world of finance, large scale investment firms called "Venture Capital" get priority access to early-stage startups. Because of this exclusivity, the general public gets stuck buying in later at higher prices creating an unfair situation.

With TrustSwap, you become the VC and gain priority-access to early stage startups. By staking SWAP, you get guaranteed access. The more SWAP you stake, the larger allocation you receive.


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Guaranteed Allocation

Stake 4,000 SWAP and get a guaranteed launchpad allocation.


Extra Stake, Extra Allocation

Stake 7,000 SWAP and get 2X bonus on launchpad allocations.


Easy Launch Process

12-hour window to participate, no rush, no worries.



Multi-million dollar crypto projects are emerging every single day. Keeping their digital assets safe is crucial for both the teams and their communities. Through our audited token and liquidity locks, these assets can be securely stored and distributed on schedule to ensure confidence and peace of mind.

SmartLock Use Cases Include

Automated employee payments

Have payments delivered at an exact time & date to any employee through an accountable smart contract.


Set up and pay for weekly/monthly subscriptions using cryptocurrency.

Time-locked tokens

Lock up team tokens and liquidity and set time-based release schedules allowing for simple and immutable transactions.

Will Execution

Create a will on a smart contract that will automatically release funds to your loved ones after you pass away.

Gifts & Payments

Send an automatic gift to your son on his 18th birthday or a weekly allowance to your daughter.

Much More

Anything you can imagine "if this then that" token locks being used for, can be done.



Venture Capital firms invest billions of dollars into crypto companies via over-the-counter (OTC) trades paying astronomical fees for lawyers and middlemen to oversee the deals and custody funds.

TrustSwap removes the middleman and provides non-custodial, fully audited and secure smart contract solutions for large players to transact OTC securely, quickly, and with minimal fees.

SmartSwap Use Cases Include


Large OTC deals between two entities, executed in a secure and trustless manner.

Peer-to-Peer Escrow

This flexible tool allows anyone to trade small or large cryptocurrencies in a way that keeps both parties safe.




Fees on TrustSwap services are reduced by 50% when using SWAP.

Staking Rewards

Every transaction paid in SWAP rewards stakers with 80% of the transaction fee, 10% goes to the TrustSwap Foundation.


10% of SWAP paid in platform fees will be burned decreasing the total supply.


Staking helps stabilize the SWAP network and offers various rewards.


Stakers of SWAP will be able to vote on proposals and allocations from the TrustSwap Foundation fund.


Staking SWAP not only accrues direct rewards but also grows your "SwapScore" to unlock free airdrops, guaranteed access, and bonus allocations in the TrustSwap Launchpad.



Mid August 2020


Q4 2020

Liquidity Locks

Q2 2021

Full website overhaul & relaunch

Layer 2 Staking on Matic

“Mint” version 1.1

Swappable v2 w/ Escrow Services v2


VISA integration with Connect Financialtri

Q4 2021

TrustSwap DAO

Early August 2020

TrustStake (TM)

Q3 2020

SmartSwap (TM)

Q1 2021

Website redesign

Buy $SWAP with credit card

QuickSwap integration for feeless DEX trading

Smartlaunch w/ Mint, v1.0 w/ integration for Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain integration for Team.Finance token lock & liquidity locks

Swappable NFT marketplace

Partial Unstake

Airdrop portal

Q3 2021

Crypto Subscriptions

Stakes as NFT’s

SmartLaunch support for Cardano & Polkadot





Jeff Kirdeikis

Jeff is the Founder and CEO of Uptrennd, the world's most engaged blockchain-based social media platform. He is the host of The Bitcoin and Crypto Podcast, and runs the world's most engaged FB crypto group.


Adam Barlam

Adam is the dev and founder behind the projects Bravocoin, a platform that allows users to earn crypto for writing reviews and Rebuzz, a decentralized social network. He has previously worked as a Sr. Architect at GoDaddy and Intel.

Technical Project Manager

Ivan Reif

Ivan is an experienced software engineer and project manager coming from FinTech space, who now focuses entirely on blockchain and building the finance of the future. Founded his own blockchain consulting company Senzu GmbH in early 2016 and shipped multiple successful projects to date.

Business Development

Bradley Townsend

Brad is an experienced growth enabler with an extensive business acumen, and has built an impressive network of both C-level executives and notable grass-roots thought leaders. He leverages these to strengthen the presence of new and running projects, supporting short term growth for sustainable long term development.



Michael Gu

Michael is the Founder of Boxmining - one of the top crypto YouTube channels with over 200,000 subscribers and 15 Million Views. He has participated in the first wave of cryptocurrency investing, with a mining operation in 2012 and key investments in 2017.

Ivan On Tech

Ivan Liljeqvist

Ivan on Tech is a blockchain developer, influencer and educator. His educational platform, "The Ivan on Tech Academy" is currently the world's largest blockchain academy. He is also known for his YouTube channel where 235,000 people follow him daily.

Former CTO Coinmarketcap

Mauvis Ledford

Mauvis is the former CTO at Coinmarketcap, as well as the former Technology and Research Consultant at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He currently serves as an advisor at the first full-service blockchain accelerator, MouseBelt.

President @ Optimal Secure

Michael "Mafiaboy" Calce

Michael is an elite-tier security expert, currently the Chair of the Board of Advisors of HP. In his early years, Michael launched a series of highly publicized denial-of-service attacks against large commercial websites, including Yahoo!, eBay, Fifa, Amazon, Dell, E*TRADE, and CNN.

Former Goldman Sachs & CoinMarketCap

Luke Wagman

Luke previously worked as an analyst at Goldman Sachs, where he provided the link between traditional money and crypto. From there, he was the second person ever to join the CoinMarketCap team, where he built the team responsible for listing and evaluating all the coins and exchanges as well as maintaining the several thousand data fields across the website.



Below we've provided some answers to the most asked questions. We'll update this over time as the list grows.

Where can I learn more about TrustSwap?

Check out the Whitepaper, and official Discord and Telegram channels for more information. If you can’t find the answer to your question, feel free to ask the community or email [email protected]

Why is Jeff sending me a private message in Discord/Telegram?

That is NOT Jeff. There are many scammers on Discord and Telegram who will impersonate team members. Please be careful and know that the TrustSwap team will not DM you first and will never ask you for money or your private keys. Please report these scammers to the community managers so they can be properly scolded and removed.

Does TrustSwap officially endorse the projects that use their services or whom they launch or collaborate/integrate with? Should I buy a token just because Jeff mentioned it?

No. Neither Jeff nor the TrustSwap team will ever endorse any 3rd party platform, token, or software. While other teams and projects may use our products or even be partnered, integrated, or affiliated with TrustSwap, this does NOT equate to financial advice or an endorsement of any kind. This includes projects that launch on the TrustSwap Launchpad. Always do your own research and due diligence before making any investment.

When is the next (SwapDrop, Pre-sale, Exchange Listing, Announcement, etc.)?

All official announcements (including announcements of announcements) will be posted in the official Discord #announcements section and pinned in the Telegram channel. There are also separate Telegram rooms for Announcements and SwapDrop/Launchpad discussion.

What is my DASH/SwapScore?

DASH and SwapScore are on-chain loyalty metrics used to determine eligibility for SwapDrops and pre-sale allocation. All the juicy details of the DASH and SwapScore can be found in this article including instructions to find your current DASH/SwapScore.

What are the criteria and limitations for staking SWAP on TrustStake?

  • Minimum stake: 1 SWAP
  • Unstake Waiting Period: 7 days
  • Approved Wallet: Any Web3 wallet such as MetaMask or MyEtherWallet
  • Only 1 stake is allowed per ETH address
  • Rewards are locked in the smart contract until unstake/withdrawal process is completed
  • U.S. Residents are not eligible to enter the staking portal

What is the APY for staking?

Staking rewards are variable as they are based on a percentage of platform fees paid in SWAP and not a fixed rate. 80% of all fees paid in SWAP will be proportionally divided among stakers and paid out every 3 days. Staked SWAP also accrues SwapScore points over time which can earn NFT tickets for Launchpad Pre-sale Allocation.

Is this like a cryptocurrency exchange?

No. A crypto exchange is like a stock market. You can’t set contracts with individual people, nor can you set time released payments to be completed.

This seems so simple, can’t anyone build this? Why don’t all projects use time-locked team tokens and all escrow deals use this two-party escrow service?

To build it is fairly simple, but to get trustworthy audits is costly and expensive. It doesn’t make sense for individual projects to build these smart-contracts out. TrustSwap is the first to offer it to the public at-scale.

Will the total supply ever increase?

No, it’s deflationary. The supply starts at 100M tokens, every time a purchase is made with SWAP tokens, they are burned and removed from circulation forever.

Do I need to fully pre-fund the time-release contracts?

No matter which contract it is, both sides need to be 100% funded, including the fee.

What cryptocurrencies are supported on this platform?

You can use any Ethereum based token!

Can this be used like an escrow service?

Yes, that is what a two party swap is defined as. However, we provide more functionality such as time based and chunk based partitioning of a given swap!